The Feminine Essenz


The Art Catalog, The Feminine Essenz, describes the anthology exhibition by Roberto Piaia, held in Turin – Italy, dedicated to her 25-year artistic career. 

In Italian and English Language

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The Feminine Essenz 

Roberto Piaia lives and paints in Mindelheim, Germany, and sculpts in Pietrasanta Italy. The Artist is the world’s first creator of the “spiral” shape in sculpture.

These Statues are created by a spiral that wraps around the figure of the body. Although formed in part by emptys, it does not betray it’s original forms. Rather, using the I see/don’t see effect, the eye is captured by a visual effect that fills the representation of the object.

One of the most important events of recent years is the showing of a spiral sculpture and an oil on canvas at the 54th Biennale Italian Pavilion in Venice.
In 2016 he received the Free Time Award People of the Year at the Republic of Bulgaria Embassy in Rome. In 2017 he displayed a marble spiral sculpture at the Triennale di Arti Visive hosted at the Vittoriano Complex in Rome. In the same year he flies to New York-Chelsea for an exhibition setting in the Amsterdam Museum Whitney Gallery.
In 2018 his exhibited in the Grand Palais in Paris on the occasion of Art Capital.

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