Painting oil on canvas- Medusa

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  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: Medusa
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Material: cotton canvas
  • Signed: lower left
  • Year: 2021/23
  • H.: 80 cm.
  • W.: 80 cm.
  • Frame: No
  • Certificate of Authenticity:Yes

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Executive Poetics Painting oil on canvas Medusa

All the painting how Medusa, are created with basic pencil sketch drawing and oil on canvas

The Medusa revisited by Piaia

Medusa immersed in water attacked by strange figures halfway between humans and mice? Snakes unable to move to defend themselves?
Why did Piaia distort the representation of the mythological figure of Medusa?

Anyone who knows Piaia’s pictorial style is aware that while maintaining faith in the techniques handed down by the ancient masters, he creates his works revisiting them in a contemporary way. However, this work is not easy to interpret. Therefore, it is important that the master himself explains the concept.

“We are living in very particular times where darkness seems to have taken over and wants to annihilate all that is bright, understanding, love towards our neighbours…

I depicted the head of Medusa underwater, to give it a symbolic aspect.

Water is smooth, purifying, vital, but at the same time vigorous and devastating when it decides to take back its spaces. A drop is harmless, but if it becomes aware of its violated freedom and joins all the others, it is one of the most powerful forces of nature!

It thus manages to cancel the ability of Medusa’s petrifying gaze, and therefore, not to let himself be manipulated by the fear it inspires.

Medusa with her face contracted by an angry grimace in realizing that she is about to be attacked by small singular beings. They possess a half-rat, half-female body in a spiral shape.

They may appear seemingly small, defenseless, while in reality they demonstrate a courage that has no equal! In fact, even the snakes are amazed at their sight and unable to react.

With the symbolism enclosed in the spiral-shaped body, I wish to represent the true essence of life. Flowing, tireless energy, in continuous movement, but above all a vitality that no one can stop.

While the idea of the rest of the body in the shape of a mouse came to me because it tells of a very often unwanted and creepy little being. But precisely because it’s unwelcome, it developed cunningness and ability to free himself from any dangerous situation.

And here is a saber of light formed by the four primary colors to illuminate the scene. The light that sets the scene on fire, giving energy and vitality to the little protagonists. Finally, canceling even more the evil effect of Medusa and her snakes.

In conclusion, my merging fantasy with reality is to express and tell the uneasiness, but also the hope I feel towards life and our evolution.

Many times we perceive ourselves as insignificant, defenseless beings, projected towards an individualistic and competitive world, which does not take into account the spiritual aspect. But I don’t want it to be like that!

We must be aware that we are social beings and possess enormous power especially when united! The rectitude in wishing that the true values of life are not trampled on by rampant hypocrisy. Eating with healthy, genuine foods that are part of our culinary tradition and imagination.

Fighting so that our children can continue to perceive the stability and emotional security of the group that the family manages to give. In short, becoming more loving and understanding towards others and ourselves despite adversity.

I am aware that I am going against the tide by expressing this thought of mine and appearing out of fashion. But this doesn’t bother me at all, on the contrary, it’s the future I wish for all of us!”

Ps. I want to underline that the Woman is my inspiring Muse and I depict her in almost all the works I create. In this case I send a message of the intrinsic feminine strength, certainly not of denigration.

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