Painting oil on canvas- Greet


This oil on canvas painting is from the Classical Figurative created by Roberto Piaia.

  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: Greet
  • Technique: Oil on canvas
  • Material: cotton canvas
  • Signed: Yes, lower left
  • Year: 2005
  • H.: 60 cm. – 23,62′
  • W.: 50 cm. – 19,68′
  • Frame: Yes   
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

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Executive Poetics of the Painting Greet:

All the painting how Greet are created with basic pencil sketch drawing and oil on canvas.

Roberto Piaia makes few works because each of them needs a patient processing. The idea is clear but the final representation of it needs long phases, layers slowly put one over the other, and absolute meditation. The shapes emerge with a perfect definition, the contours are neat and clear and show separate and scarcely communicating realities. Painting Greet

There is a solemn dignity when showing things, a deep respect for the reality he depicts and the awareness of having generated known shapes but with new souls. Painting Greet

The world described by Roberto Piaia is the one surrounding us; it is the things that accompany our everyday actions. The artist takes inspiration from everyday life and has a special relation to every shape he meets: animated shapes seen in a face, in a look, in a hug, in a woman’s body. Painting Greet

Closed profiles detected in recognisable and useful objects. Everything is fascinated by colours and light; nothing can avoid the artist’s determination to depict the magic of the moment, the uniqueness of a scene. The expression of a face because nothing is there for ever, if it is not preserved by the charm of memory or the power of an image that provides a body to time and space.
Lorena Gava | Art Critic

Cataloged work:

    • The Feminine Essence (Essenza al Femminile) | by Carmen De Guarda and Angelo Mistrangelo | Editor Giorgio Mondadori.
    • Works Catalog Roberto Piaia | by Paolo Levi | Editor Giorgio Mondadori

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