Limited Edition Serigraphy- Ecstasy

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Serigraphy edition 1/30 – numbered and hand signed by artist

  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: Ecstasy
  • Technique: Serigraphy in approx. 22 colors, with material and selective printed parts in four-colors with active intervention by the author.
  • Material: White card
  • Signed: Yes, hand signed
  • Year: 2009
  • Dimensions of the image: 52×40 cm. 201532in x 1534in
  • Total Dimensions: 65×54 cm. 251932in x 211764in
  • Frame: No
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Artist’s signature on bottom right

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Executive poetics of the Serigraphy- Ecstasy

Serigraphy- Ecstasy: Transparencies and rhythmical colour shades

An unknown brightness that mental prisms divide in layers of saturated colours. As we can see in the Serigraphy- Ecstasy, the real world on bodies, effect in the sky because of light refraction that wraps air. In green, blue, red or yellow. Of course, the radiation has a symbolic function. Means the internalisation of physicalness, sensitivity, sensuality, and of the substance of the female body the contemplated in so many plastic poses. How in the Serigraphy- Ecstasy

This internalisation extends to the surrounding world, to the environment, to the beautiful portraits. Whit a new brightness that transfigures, accompanies and enhances shapes and expressions and makes them move towards a tendentially surrealistic dimension.

The artistic universe created by Piaia represents a unique fusion of languages ​​and currents. How in the Serigraphy- Ecstasy, a swirl of colors and shapes converge smoothly and seamlessly bringing together Abstraction, Figuration and Classic Surrealism. This is his signature style. – very personal – that the same Piaia baptized with the term Assurfivo, summing up in one word, the concepts of abstract, surreal and figurative: with this definition, the artist immediately expressed the varied aspects of his personality and his artistic research. Carmen De Guarda

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