Limited Edition Lithograph – The Keeper of stillness

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Lithograph edition 1/99 – numbered and hand signed by artist

  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: The Keeper of stillness
  • Technique: Lithograph
  • Material: Textured beige paper
  • Signed: Yes, hand signed
  • Year: 2006
  • Dimensions of the image: ca. 36×27 cm.
  • Dimensions with border: 50×35 cm.
  • Frame: No
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Artist’s signature on bottom right

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Executive Poetics Lithograph – The Keeper of stillness

In addition to the mastery to recreate objective reality with oil paints, you will discover symbolic messages. It could be read, releasing a persons’ personal imagination.

Mentally immobilized, annoyingly looking at cicadas, insects symbol of excessive light-heartedness, the Artist takes note of the immediate need for change. The half-bust self-portrait rests at the center of a flat surface, supported by three instruments, which symbolize the main human activities: agriculture, craftsmanship and trade. Attention needs to be paid to the level of one’s existential commitment and work. A man and a woman. Who is the prisoner and who is not? The chlamydosaurus, a small reptile with extraordinary and peculiar characteristics, suddenly reveals its coat in its courtship as well as when defending itself. Its name, which is reminiscent of its more impressive forefathers. Originates from a term, which, in Greek as well as Latin, meant cloak just like the one that is central to the work of art. The feminine side of the work, gazes in tender amazement at what the cloak of gold and azure reveals to the knowing beholder who grasps its real meaning in the here and now. The color of gold and the azure of the sky don’t drip by chance from the brush of the Artist. Solar forces and pure energies dominate the golden tones of the right side of the cloak, also symbolizing material goods, money and affluence… While the right side is connected to the masculine energy, to reason. Only by understanding rationally the values of material goods, is it possible to ascend to higher levels, in search of true wealth, that of the soul.

Prof. Maria Francesca Botteri

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