Light Stories


The Art Catalog, Light Stories, Roberto Piaia meets the Flemish and Dutch masters of the seventeenth century, in Casa Museo G.B. Cima in Conegliano – Italy

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Light Stories | Stories of Art.

As the light in the prism decomposes revealing the spectrum of colours to the eye, in this same way Art –in the search for aestheticism – breaks down reality to offer an infinity of interpretations, all current and recurring.

Through an exhibition of about thirty works, we are shown a rainbow of secret connections that link each of Roberto Piaia’s works with a corresponding old master from the gallery Caretto, building up, through reflections on the use of light, a meditative path among themes, techniques and subjects which show art as fluid and at times an indefinable entity like light, rather than something which has crystalised.

Hence the title of the exhibition, in which Piaia and Flemish and Dutch masters are associated with each other link after link.
The various works of the artists are full of minute details and show close attention to the world: the care given to the drapes, to crystal glasses, the portraits of scenes of everyday life, all lit by the light that closely surrounds both the infinitely small and the infinitely large, thus unifying all representations.
The Flemish and Dutch artists, storytellers of their times, portray the daily reality of the various social classes, from the masses to the upper classes of the “Golden Age” of the Netherlands.
Roberto Piaia “descibes” the nuances of our civilization and the influence of history in our time, with the woman as the protagonist.

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