General Catalog 1. Volume


This art catalog contains the first art works by Maestro Piaia, published by Giorgio Mondadori Editore

In Italian and English Language

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General Catalog 1. Volume

The artistic universe created by Piaia in painting, is an original fusion of languages ​​and currents, where a vortex of shapes in which abstraction, classical figuration and surrealism converge smoothly. This style, which Piaia baptized ‘ Assurfivo’, expresses the varied aspects of his art, in which, on one big visual stage young women unfold, silent still lifes with flowers and hyperrealistic crystals, pictures taken from sacred art, complex allegories illustrating the Divine Comedy or the Seven Deadly Sins, portraits … everything always characterized by the lapping of lights and colors: green, yellow, red and blue, representing the decomposition of the light spectrum.
Piaia’s search that over the years has taken him in many fascinating directions, drove him to translate values ​​in terms of painting and sculpture through the intuition of a globalizing vision of ‘ being’ and the universe. This led him to the creation of his artistic ideology uniting the classic with the dynamic, defined by the term Cladico.

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